Wednesday, August 6, 2008

an honor

I had plans yesterday to go on a walk with Brinley, catch up on more laundry, clean my house, blah...blah...blah... I got a call from Heather about taking photos at the hospital, so I spent most of afternoon and evening at Sacred Heart with a sweet family. I also was able to get a hold of another photographer from NILMDTS and she was able to come and shadow me.
I felt so honored to be a part of the time this family got to spend with their baby.Late yesterday afternoon, she was taken off of life support and past away this morning, free of all of her tubes and snuggled in between her parents.
This family took the time to pray for Sarah Mae... it made quite an impression on me. I always pray for the families that I photograph, but for them to say a prayer, in the hospital, while spending there last few hours with their baby, that was just sweet. To see this family snuggled up together, making their baby as comfortable as they could, and we got to experience their first few hours alone with them, capturing their time in pictures...what an honor.
Last night was also a MISS Meeting. I literally made it for the last 5 minutes. I really enjoy going to these meetings. I walked in and got a hug from everyone in the room. It jsut feels good to have that kind of support, expecially having been at the hospital for 5 hours. I will become a facilitator in November, after Olivia's 1st birthday. I really wish I could go to the confrence at the end of September, but no, that just ain't gonna happen. Not when I would be that close to having a baby. I don't think they would let me fly anyway.
So today I look forward to not doing much and maybe get that walk in with 7-11 for a slurpee.

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Anonymous said...

That was really sweet of them to pray for Sarah. I love that you are sharing these special experiences. I know I say this all the time, but you are a real strength to so many. What a blessed gift of service and love you give to these parents.

Love you!!

:) Tiff