Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm not sure where to begin. This month has been utter chaos it seems. Between helping at the school, meetings, volunteering at the hospital, photography sessions, shooting a wedding, Sarah's teeth surgery, a fundraiser and being a 24/7 wife and mother, my life seems to fly by. This little stink is exactly that! A STINK! She is a busy little bee and exhausts me. She is always doing something naughty... cleaning out the fridge, climbing the furniture, painting with her poop, having a tantrum or hopping in the shower with me fully clothed. It never ends. I am usually done with her and ready to send her to 2 year old land before Brinley gets home from school. She has also decided that she would rather take a nap at 4pm rather than 1pm and it makes for a looooonnnnnggggg night for me.

However.... this little child of mine is an angel...with food constantly stuck on her face. always. She is such a sweetheart and a huge help to me. Sarah adores her and they play for hours after school. I don't know how I could get through my afternoons without her help. She always wants to be outside jumping on the trampoline, hula hooping (the girl is amazing at the hoop), running, kicking a ball around. She doesn't sit still for very long. has to keep moving. Sometimes it drives me crazy. We don't have a lot of mom-approved kids in the neighborhood.

My sister and I are taking the kids to the redwoods this next week. I think I am as excited as Brinley is. I need a change of scenery and how can you beat seeing something so magnificent as the redwoods! I am planning to take a bajillion pictures of the whole trip. I finally feel like my new camera isn't as scary as it looks. Just a lot of technical stuff that my older camera always just did...but I'm learning and getting things down. Still a few quirks to figure out and I am so glad I have my old camera as a backup :)

We have a b.u.s.y. summer ahead. My sister and I calculated about 10 weddings. we are excited to work with such awesome clients, their wedding locations are all different and we like having the variety. We also have engagement sessions, family sessions and senior sessions all mixed in there too.

I'm hoping April is a little nicer to me.


Christy said...

Poop is sick!!! And somehow kids are fascinated with it! Aren't 2 year olds just a bunch of fun?!! j/k but we love them anyways! said...

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Marnie said...

your kids are cute. busy little bees, just like mom. I don't know how you take on all that you do, you are amazing. I too hope you get same calm time.

Anonymous said...

Arah you are amazing! I don't know how you do it all. I know after the other day that you have guardian angels watching over your girls.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you need someone to watch the little stink or pick up Brinley from dance.

Love you girl:)

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