Wednesday, July 28, 2010

book report. by Brinley

To get Brinley to read more this Summer, I am giving her a chance to write book reports on my blog. She thinks it's cool and went and grabbed the first book she could find: She got this book for free from her teacher last year. It's a super easy read for a 7 year old.
This is what she has to tell us about it:
' Well, it's about a dog that does the opposite that anybody in the family tells him except his owner, the boy. One day he ran all the way to the park and everybody calls his name but he won't come. The boy called his name and he comes to him. Buddy loves the boy. The end.'
Brinley gives this book a 10... ' because it's very funny and easy to read. I like the pictures too.'
Brinley has a TON of books, so I am hoping she will learn to love books as much as I do.

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Marnie said...

hmm, I might have to copy this idea. Cute.