Tuesday, April 20, 2010

it's Brinley's birthday. shout hooray!

I can't believe my beautiful little 6 year old is now 7!

Last Saturday I had a little party for her, well, I thought it was going to be little because I wasn't expecting all but 2 of the girls in her class not to come, plus the extra friends that we've had for years. It was me and 11 girls...aaahhhh! Not ONE parent stayed, but that's okay.
Actually, they were really good.
This is the invite I sent out, with the obvious address and phone number missing, of course.

She wanted a Space themed party. She REALLY, REALLY wanted a Spaceneedle cake, but I wasn't about to come up with that one. I did, however, come up with the most horrid looking cake ever. I don't recommend trying to put a cake together at 1am. It did not turn out as I had envisioned. This ugly cake was supposed to look like the moon sitting in outer space with a Brinley Astronaut on top of it. I bought some black food coloring to make black frosting, but it never got home with me, so I had to improvise with chocolate...it turned out really sad. Then the stars looked like snowflakes. And yes, that is a Buzz Lightyear with apicture of Brinley's face taped on it...I am white trash for sure.
Space suits are expensive for 11 girls, so I came up with glow in the dark alien masks...the glow in the dark part is coming up. When they all got to the house, they got to make a mask. Here, Brinley is saying, "I come in peace and mean you no harm." She's a nut.
I spent most of Friday afternoon and evening making the basement look like space. THANK YOU, THANK YOU Karen, for cutting out all the stars and planets on your little machine...what a time saver. I draped all of the walls in black table cloths, cung a black light on the wall, decorated with white paper stars and neon planets, then hung white streamers from the ceiling. Then, I hung some white poster board on the wall and let the girls draw with highlighters...which eventually ended up on themselves, because then they would glow in the dark.
I wish I could have taken a better picture of this room. It really was cool. Want to see what highlighters do?... Awesome, huh!
The weather ended up being amazing, so after playing in the basement forever, we went outside and they took turns 'flying to the moon' on the rope swing. My arms were worn out. We ate pizza and had cake and ice cream too. Then opened gifts. Brinley said it was the "best birthday party ever".
Mama scored some brownie points for sure!
Today at school, Brinley got to be line leader and answer questions from the class and got to wear a crown. At the end of the day, I brought some cupcakes for the class. They sang 'Happy Birthday" and she got to pass the cupcakes out. She requested the same ones as last year, rainbow. Sarah claps after anyone sings. She got to sit at Brinley's desk while the class sang to Brinley.

My Brinley-girl, I LOVE YOU! You fit just perfectly into our family. Your an awesome big sister and a huge help to your Momma. You are smart and amazing and your teacher at school thinks your pretty special too.

So here are a few things about you:

you hate dolls

you LOVE stuffed animals

you like littlest pet shop

your favorite food is Spaghetti

you haven't lost any teeth yet

you love to swing

you are the best big sister

your favorite color this week is green

you really, really want a pet...not happening

you think asparagus is disgusting, but I secretly catch you eating it

you think that baths are the best thing ever

you love to stay home because you get to wear your pajamas

I could go on and on...but we are headed out to Olive Garden, her choice, to celebrate some more.


dippyrooroo said...

Those beautiful girls of yours are growing up so much! The picture of Sara clapping just melts my heart for some reason. It's such a fun age that she is at! And I love that rainbow cupcake idea! Griffin has fun friday snacks this week, maybe I'll try it...

dippyrooroo said...

p.s. I think the space cake looks sooo fun! Brinley is lucky to have such a creative and caring Mom! I bet she thought it was awesome!

Alison said...

You are super mom! Love that party! :)

Jillyn said...

What a fun party mommy :D The basement looked so neat and i'm sure it was much better in person :D

And WHEN did Sara get so big? And where did her dark hair go?

Becky said...

What an awesome party, Arah!! And the cake looked fine to me . . .definitely better than I could do . . .

I can hardly believe Brinley is 7! Amazing. I look at Marcus and Cynthia (well, all my kids really) and am amazed at how fast they are growing up.

Forever Young said...

You are so creative...Love the cake:)